of The Morgan House Inn

The Morgan House was built as a private residence for William Porter in 1813. Edwin Morgan purchased and enlarged the home in 1853 and opened its doors to visitors arriving on incoming stagecoaches. Thus began the long and illustrious history of The Morgan House Inn. Mary Morgan Jones and Charles Morgan, Edwin’s daughter and youngest son, carried on the family tradition providing a comfortable rest stop for weary travelers and their horses.

The hospitality and comfort has been enjoyed by many guests including Ulysses S. Grant and George Bernard Shaw. President Cleveland became so fond of Lee and The Morgan House that during his last year in office he hosted the 1895 summer army games in nearby Tyringham. Famous archeologist Robert Titus, who first opened King Tut’s Tomb, held his annual Raccoon Hunting Banquets at The Morgan House.

The lore of The Morgan House deepened not only as a result of events in time such as prohibition, but also with each respective change in ownership. From 1913 to 1970 The Morgan House was owned by members of the Shields family. James Shields was succeeded by his daughter, Maria Shields and her husband Earl Perot. From 1970 to the present, owners such as Allan Werring, Maria Cole (wife of Nat King Cole), Beth and Bill Orford, Kim and Wes Bookstaver, Michael and Connie Diggins and Jim and Pam Loring have created a piece of history here at the inn.

Vern Kennedy purchased the inn in the spring of 2016 and seeks to continue the long tradition of excellence in hospitality and dining.